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Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-cultural country with differences in language, religion and ethnicity. And these differences have combined and influencing each other, eventually influenced the emergence of diverse art forms and streams that are unique. The establishment of Pentas Project hopes to get its nutrients from the multi-cultural society, and looking into ourselves while gazing the world.

“Pentas Project” in Chinese would be 「平台計劃」 (ping tai ji hua). The first two characters「平台」 (ping tai), indicate a flat stage. “Pentas Project” envisions a stage without walls or boundaries, a stage that can be more transparent and equal, a stage for interactions and understandings that can strengthen the relationships between different cultures and realms.

Objectives of Pentas Project

1) To build a mature, contemporary and multi-faceted stage which encourages interactions and openness.
2) To learn, explore, understand and open up new horizons and collaborative space in theatre arts.
3) To respect and support differences through collaboration, interaction, sharing and learning, and furthermore, to appreciate the uniqueness of diversities in our society and field.

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